In this document we explain the Net-Profit Warzywa i  Owoce Sp.z o.o. rules for processing any personal information that you may share with us when you use this site. Our goal is to protect the personal data of ourn website users.


Net-Profit Warzywa i  Owoce Sp.z o.o. informs that it does not sell the collected personal data of any external organization.


When using to access all functionality, you may be asked to provide your personal information by filling in the contact form or otherwise. The basic data that the user can give us is: name, address, email address, telephone number, fax number, business identifier.

All collected personal data are collected and processed with security measures that meet the requirements of applicable law. The data given to us are processed only for Net-Profit Warzywa i Owoce Sp.z o.o.and entities providing services to Net-Profit Warzywa i  owoce Sp.z o.o. According to a separate agreement.

We guarantee to all users of the site, who have given us their data, the right of access to them and the possibility of their verification or removal (in order to completely remove the data, we provide the address: to contact in this case).




Some service areas belonging to Net-Profit Warzywa i  Owoce Sp. z o.o.  may use cookies, which are small text files sent to the user's computer identifying him or her in the manner needed to simplify or cancel the operation. For technical reasons, which greatly improves the efficiency of using our service, we use cookies stored on the user's computer and collect information about the IP address. Cookies are harmless to the computer and its data.


Working conditions of cookies is that they are accepted by the browser and not removing from the disk. Failure of accepting cookies or to deleting them may result in quality of using our service.

Net-Profit Warzywa i  Owoce Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy


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